Website Orders

To purchase a gun on our website, please complete the following steps in order.

1. Place your online order. Remember to fill out the order form completely to insure proper processing. Make sure to double check your address, telephone number, and email address for typos. You are responsible for any UPS or US Mail surcharges that result from incomplete/incorrect address information.

2. Email, Fax, or Mail a legible copy of your FFL with the Order Number given on the Receipt page.When faxing your FFL it helps to lighten a dark copy. When emailing a scan or digital photo of your FFL it is important to keep the image at a reasonable size. A  low to medium resolution is ideal.

Please submit the above information to:

Email:  [email protected]

Fax:  828-333-5356

US Mail: Saiga Custom, PO Box. Columbus NC 28722

3. After your initial order, the above information will be kept on file for future orders. This information will be saved under the billing Name and Zip code on the initial order. If you move, or have a change of billing address before your next order, you will need to resubmit the above information as if it was a new order.