Vepr AK Rifles

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Vepr 308  7.62x51
Your Price: $2,299.00
Any out stock gun can be custom built. Just contact us.
Vepr 7.62x39 Keymod, Folder
Your Price: $1,355.00
Out of Stock
Vepr 6.5 Grendel NiteBrake Folder
Your Price: $1,995.00
Out of Stock
Vepr 5.45x39 Krebs Fore Grip
Your Price: $2,095.00
Out of Stock
Molot Vepr FM-AK47-11
Your Price: $1,399.00
Out of Stock
Vepr 7.62x54 Custom Folder
Your Price: $2,520.00
Out of Stock
Vepr FM-AK54-22  7.62x54   20.5
Your Price: $1,295.00
Out of Stock
Vepr 7.62x51  .308  23
Your Price: $2,399.00
Out of Stock