Vepr 12 Key Mod Fore Grip, Fixed Adjustable Stock

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Vepr 12 Key Mod Fore Grip, Fixed Adjustable Stock
Vepr 12 Key Mod Fore Grip, Fixed Adjustable Stock

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This is a new factory Molot Vepr 12ga.that has been converted by our gunsmiths.
It is a 19" barrel gun and it will shoot low or high brass reliably because we have modified the Fire Control Group,  and the Gas System to do so.

Here is a list of what has been done.
First the FCG has been changed to a US Made FCG with a polished and re-profiled FCG for a smoother action and better reliability with low brass.
We have included a Chaos Warthog brake for felt recoil reduction and to help keep the muzzle on target.
These Vepr12s have had their ports modified by us as well as the gas block so that they will shoot low brass ammo reliably. Something that they were never designed to do. Not only were they enlarged but a 6th port was added as well.
It also has the LRBHO.
In addition, the rails polished, the extractor ramp modified, and the internal spring for recoil has been changed.
This gun has a keymod rail fore grip but we have it available with other options.
The fixed stock is a US Made stock with a cheek rest.
The rear railed dust cover hinges up out of the way for easy access to the bolt and carrier and the FCG for easy cleaning.
It also has the VEPR Integrated leaf rear sights with windage and elevation adjustments .
The trigger pull is approx 4.5 lbs. but can be lowered by us if desired.

A Hogue Overmolded Grip has been installed. Paint has been touched up with a solvent resistant Ceramic based paint.
The gun can be fired with the stock open or folded.
We have removed the gas block and modified the gas ports in the barrel as well as worked on the gas block itself in order to aid in the gun's ability to cycle low brass ammo such as bird shot and the low recoil stuff all the while in a reliable gun.
Something these guns were never designed to do.
A RAM ambidextrous mag release extension was added as well so that a mag can be released using your trigger finger. An after market reduced power recoil spring is also added.
Fire the gun, release a mag, all without taking your hand off the pistol grip.
The gun handles flawlessly as all guns modified by our gunsmiths go to the range for testing and 20 or more rounds put through them before shipping.
This is a new gun under warranty.

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