Saiga 7.62x39 Kushnapup

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Saiga 7.62x39 Kushnapup
Saiga 7.62x39 Kushnapup

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This is a Saiga IZ-132 rifle, 16" barrel, 7.62x39 that has been completely redone by our gunsmiths. It is brand new.
•The Fire Control Group has been Polished and reshaped.
• We have added a Bullet Guide so this gun can use standard AK mags.
And we have installed it into a Kushnapup housing and added a rear butt pad.
We installed a top rail for use with an optional red dot. We have cut and rethreaded the barrel before brazing on a new flash hider so the gun has a legal barrel length of 16" including the US Made copy of a Russian FH.
We have also reshaped and polished the bolt and carrier for a really smooth action.
• We can do even more. It's up to you and any options you select at additional cost. • The gun handles flawlessly as all guns modified by our gunsmiths go to the range for testing and 20 or more rounds put through them before shipping. • The BHO was notched and reshaped for greater reliability.
• The gun comes with all factory included parts, tools, papers. •The gun comes with 1 10 round mag and a 30 round mag.
The overall length of the gun is 27"

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