Saiga 12 18.25" Barrel w/Brake Tri Rail

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Saiga 12  18.25" Barrel w/Brake Tri Rail
Saiga 12 18.25' Barrel w/Brake Tri Rail

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This is a new factory Saiga Model IZ-109 that has been converted by our gunsmiths.

This gun was treated in the same way as my "Movie Gun" as far as the internals go and we changed the outside rail system.

Here is a list of what has been done.
First the FCG has been moved forward and a US Made FCG with a polished and re-profiled FCG has been installed for a smoother action and better reliability with low brass.
In addition an Over Travel Limiter has been installed and tuned to the gun for a fast 2nd shot follow up.
br> Bolt and Carrier were ground, reworked and polished as well.
In addition the extractor has been modified, the rails polished, the extractor ramp modified, the BHO modified, the internal spring for recoil has been changed and the BHO spring modified.
The gun has a TriRail System as well as an attached top rail over the gas system.

The gun has had the barrel cut down and an Aluminum copy of the Russian Molot brake brazed onto the barrel via the steel insert in the rear of the brake. It is also pinned. This allows us to have a barrel length of 18.5" overall and legal even with a 5" brake on the gun.
In order for the gun to perform with this much barrel missing we treated the gun as though we were building a SBS and adjusted the porting and reshaping.
The Bolt Carrier has been polished, reshaped and a Tromix Oversize knob installed.
The bottom of the carrier has also been jeweled.
The trigger pull is approx 4 lbs. but can be lowered by us if desired
18.5" barrel including the brake.
A Hogue Overmolded Grip has been installed.
Paint has been touched up with a solvent resistant Ceramic based paint.

The rear tang has been removed and the rear of the receiver has been reshaped and an internal support block has been installed to support the stock hardware.
A Manticore Triangle stock and ACE Push Button folding mechanism with a grenade launcher style rubber pad really pads down recoil.
The gun can be fired with the stock open or folded. To make it more comfortable we added a lower forward hand stop that is adjustable with a button push to become a vertical grip.
We have drilled a 4th port in the barrel if there wasn't 4 to begin with and slightly enlarged all the gas ports to aid in the gun's ability to cycle low brass ammo such as bird shot and the low recoil stuff. We then opened the gas block port to clear the 4 gas ports and added an adjustable gas knob that has been modified to work with our gas port work.
A RAM ambidextrous mag release extension is also added.
An after market reduced power recoil spring is also added as well as the 6 position gas knob and spring when we do the port work.

If we are going to over gas the gun the way we do, we have to give you a means to turn down that gas.
Fire the gun, release a mag, lock open the bolt, all without taking your hand off the pistol grip.
The gun handles flawlessly as all guns modified by our gunsmiths go to the range for testing and 20 or more rounds put through them before shipping.
This is a new gun under warranty-we list it as used because it is not the way it comes from the factory.
The BHO was notched and reshaped for greater reliability and so it doesn't poke into your finger with the trigger in it's new location.

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