Maxrounds Powermag 650 Saiga

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Maxrounds Powermag 650 Saiga
Maxrounds Powermag 650 Saiga

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These are MaxRounds Powermax 650 20 round drums that we import from the Czech Republic.
They weigh 1.54 lb.
Have a capacity of 20 rounds.
They are made of high-end hardened dural, the inner parts are made of stainless steel.
They are manufactured on high end CNC machines from a company that makes aircraft and auto parts.
YES, They are expensive. They are also smaller and lighter than anything on the market in the US and are more reliable and easier to adjust than anything on the market at this time.
These drums are made for the Saiga 12ga as long as it does not have a MagWell. It has run for us without issue right out of the box
If your Saiga uses a Saiga MagWell then please use the drum we import for the Vepr12.
If you own any of our custom guns than these are a perfect match and have the same degree of quality.
If you shoot a stock Vepr or unconverted Saiga then these are probably not for you. Better that you should spend your money improving your gun.
Do not confuse these drums with a copy made in the states that has had numerous issues and complaints.
These drums can be easily adjusted for the type of ammo being used in seconds.
They are very fast and can easily keep up with the gun and shooter.
You can use any type of ammunition, which does not exceed a length of 65mm and is not shorter than 58mm, in packaged form.
The optimum cartridge load is around 32-36g, some Saigas and Veprs also work with 24g, but it is about the gun you have. If it is one of our custom guns then you are good to go.
These drums come with a set of adjustment wrenches to adjust tension in the drum for various types of ammo and different guns if necessary. They also come with instructions, and a belt clip should you wish to carry multiple drums.

If you also own a Vepr 12ga. you can change the mag tower on the drum to a Vepr tower so that the drum can be used in the Vepr. The Vepr Tower/feed lips are an optional extra purchase.
If you only have a Vepr12 or a Saiga with a MagWell please see our other listing for the same drum already setup for a Vepr and at a higher price.
We will not ship these drums to a state that limits your mag capacity to a figure lower than these drums. Know what your limits are before bidding.

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