Arsenal SLR104 "Krink" 5.45x39 SBR NFA Folder

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Arsenal SLR104  "Krink"  5.45x39  SBR NFA Folder
Arsenal SLR104 'Krink' 5.45x39 SBR NFA Folder

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Arsenal, Inc. SLR104-UR rifle that we have modified into an SBR
The SLR-104UR Series in 5.45x39mm caliber. It is a stamped receiver rifle that utilizes the famous short gas system (Krinkov or AKS-74U) front sight block / gas block combination.

It features a Russian Zenitco Krink style fore grip handguard that we fitted and installed.
And we have installed an Ultimak railed gas tube for a co-witnessing red dot that is optional.
It has a chrome lined hammer forged barrel with 24x1.5mm right-hand threads and a Bulgarian cone flash hider. Comes with a 2-stage trigger, scope rail, and equipped with Arsenal, Inc.'s already famous left-side folding black polymer buttstock.
However we can improve on the trigger and action immensely as an option. We have also added a Hogue rubber grip.
The folding buttstock makes the gun a compact rifle for carrying easily and locks in its extended position rock-solid, providing all the comfort you need during shooting.
This gun comes with a Krink style flash hider as shown.
Contrary to what some armchair observers are saying, there was absolutely no keyholing with these guns when we tested them at the range after converting them to an SBR. And we have built quite a few with different configurations of FCG, stocks and Fore ends.

The gun handles flawlessly as all guns modified by our gunsmiths go to the range for testing and 20 or more rounds put through them before shipping.

This is a new gun under warranty.

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