Arsenal SLR 107-R 7.62x39

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Arsenal SLR 107-R  7.62x39
Arsenal SLR 107-R 7.62x39

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SLR-107-R 7.62x39mm Semi Auto Rifle

This rifle, chambered in 7.62x39mm, utilizes the famous gas system and features a full-length 16" barrel.

The SLR-107-R rifle is a brand new Bulgarian stamped receiver rifle that is built from all original brand new factory parts and premium quality US made components, from its hammer forged chrome lined barrel to the original Bulgarian Arsenal mil-spec. stamped receiver.

The SLR-107-R comes with Arsenal, Inc.'s already famous polymer buttstock and ribbed handguards. The lower handguard comes with Arsenal, Inc.'s stainless steel heat shield, which helps keep your hand cooler when shooting.

Throw an optical scope on this baby and the SLR-107-R, equipped with a double-stage trigger group, becomes an accurate sharpshooting rifle.

The SLR-107-R accepts any Bulgarian mil-spec double stack 7.62x39mm caliber magazine.

Item No.: SLR107-11
Model: SLR-107-R
Caliber: 7.62x39mm
Action: Semi-Auto
Type: Rifle

SLR-107-11 7.62x39mm Semi Auto Rifle- Stamped receiver, 7.62x39mm caliber, short gas system, front sight block / gas block combination, chrome lined hammer forged barrel, cleaning rod, black polymer furniture, stainless steel heat shield, 2 stage trigger, and scope rail, ships with 10-rd magazine.

• Caliber: 7.62x39 mm
• Total Length: 877 mm (34 1/2 in.)
• Barrel Length: 415 mm (16 1/4 in.)
• Rifling: 4 grooves
• Twist Rate: 1 in 240 mm (9.44 in.)
• Weight without Magazine: 2.79 kg (6.1 lbs.)
• Muzzle Velocity: 710 m/s (2,329 fps)
• Effective Range: 500 m (547 yds)
• Maximum Range: 1,350 m (1,480 yds)
• Rear Sight Range: 500 m (547 yds)

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