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We are a custom shop and specialize in the AK platform.  In particular the Russian SAIGA and VEPR rifles and shotguns.


The majority of our conversions have one or more of the following:


¨ The Fire Control Group is moved forward and a US Made polished FCG  is installed.

¨ The FCG is also re-profiled for smoother action and lower trigger pull.

¨ An Over Travel Limiter may be added to the FCG on any AK.

¨ The Bolt and Carrier are reworked, reshaped, ground and polished.

¨ Rails and feed ramp are buffed and extractor ramp modified. 

¨ Our guns will usually load a mag on a closed bolt.

¨ A 4th port is added to enhance performance with low brass ammo on the 12ga. Saigas and all ports are enlarged for the same reason on those guns and properly aligned with the gas block port. On the VEPR shotguns we also add an extra enlarged port.

¨ A new trigger guard is installed and modified to fit the new Hogue grip or other desired grip.

¨ The rear tang is removed and the rear of the receiver is reshaped and an internal support block installed to support the ACE hardware on those guns with ACE butt stocks as well as some others like Tromix, CSS, DPH.

¨ Some guns get a push button or other style folding mechanism.  On those guns it can be fired with the stock open or folded.

¨ A RAM ambidextrous mag release extension is usually added.

¨ After market springs are added when needed.

¨ The Bolt Hold Open is notched and reshaped for greater reliability.

¨ The BHO is also reshaped so it doesn`t poke into your finger with the

      trigger in it`s new location on the Saigas

¨ Paint is touched up with a solvent resistant Ceramic based paint unless the gun is being refinished in Teflon or something else.

¨ Battle sights and leaf sights as well as Tritium inserts can be added.

¨ Barrels can be shortened and threaded and brakes and flash hiders silver soldered on to keep them legal.  Custom welding available.

¨ Every gun is custom built, tuned and range tested before delivery.

¨ Every 12ga. We build will work reliably with low brass Federal Bulk pack through slugs.

Fire the gun, release a mag, lock open the bolt, all without taking your hand off the pistol grip.

The guns handle flawlessly as all guns modified by our gunsmiths go to the range for testing and 20 or more rounds put through them before delivery.

The guns come with all factory included parts, tools, papers and box.
Our guns are fully 922R compliant.

Contact us to discuss your needs and our prices.

Guns sold by Saiga Custom a Class 02 SOT FFL