AKDAL MK1919 XN Modified 12ga. Shotgun NIB

an artwork by  Akdal
AKDAL MK1919 XN Modified 12ga. Shotgun NIB
AKDAL MK1919 XN Modified 12ga. Shotgun NIB

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Any out stock gun can be custom built. Just contact us.
Selling one new in the box AKDAL MKA 1919 semi-automatic 12 ga. shotgun.
  • Comes with 2, 5 round mags.
  • 10 round mags are in stock at extra cost.
  • 19.7" barrel, Gas operated, AR-15 style with removable carry handle with picatiny rail underneath the handle.
  • Carry handle has adjustable rear sight built in.
  • Also includes 3 chokes, choke case and wrench.

We have more mods coming for this gun and here are a few!!
  • This is a customized Akdal optimized for low brass but handles it all.
  • Firebird Precision front rail system with Left Side Charging Handle.
  • A new US Made Internal Piston, a new Trigger, Disconnector and its spring and Grip Adapter.
  • Folding Adjustable ACE SOCOM stock with an ACE Push Button Hinge and a 1" Butt Pad. All US Made.
  • Hogue Over Molded AR Grip
  • A new larger Firebird Precision Charging Handle.
  • An adapter that lets you use any SAIGA brake or flashhider but in this instance a Custom Made Barrel Shroud and a Tromix Shark Brake that reduces felt recoil by 15%---ALL INCLUDED.
  • These may be unscrewed for removal and for choke use.
  • With setup we recommend flip up iron sights from Magpul or Diamondhead. We prefer the Diamondhead sights. These are an extra cost.
  • A Low Brass spring change to optimize the gun for 2 3/4" cartridges.
  • Port mods if needed.
  • All guns are range tested before shipping.
  • We will make the gun CA. legal for $55.00
  • We have other stocks available at greater and lessor costs. We will adjust the price accordingly.

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