UltriMAK Multi Rail Forend System

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UltriMAK Multi Rail Forend System
UltriMAK Multi Rail Forend System

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UltiMAK Multi Rail Forend System 
Model ACR2-SS
"Standard" Length 
Color; Black 
Made in U.S.A. 
Now fits all stamped receivers including Chinese. 

AK Modular Rail Forend System 
Three generous length rails at 3, 6, and 9 O'clock. 
UltiMAK "Standard" length extends to gas block. 
Leaves room for bayonet. 
Length from receiver; 9 & 5/8" (24.4 cm) 
23 cross slots per side. 

Innovative design and precision manufacturing provide a very secure and rugged foundation for your premium accessories. Made of high strength, MIL STD hard anodized aluminum with 4140 steel attach points. Comes with all hardware and instructions. The generous length MIL STD 1913 Picatinny rails give plenty of room for your hand, plus any combination of rail mount lights, lasers, grips, sling mounts, and bipod mounts. Proprietary expanding rear tenon system squares and centers itself inside the receiver with extreme tenacity, while the dual, floating clamp system in front locks the unit to the barrel without applying off-axis forces to the barrel. You can mount a quality laser sight module with full confidence in maintaining your zero under harsh field conditions. A result of the thoughtful engineering you've come to expect from UltiMAK, it increases the cooling efficiency of the rifle, and is surprisingly lightweight, strong, comfortable, stable and versatile. 

The ACR2 body fits over the outside of the original forend cap (covering the original sling loop) and has enough width that your rail mounted items will be far less likely to interfere with one another.


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