Saiga 20ga. Converted Quad Rail, Polished B/C, NIB

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Saiga 20ga. Converted Quad Rail, Polished B/C, NIB
Saiga 20ga. Converted Quad Rail, Polished B/C, NIB

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Manufacturer: Saiga
Model: Shotgun Barrel
Length: 19 inch
Gauge: 20

This is a new Saiga conversion on an IZ-105 20ga.
  • The FCG has been moved forward and a US Made FCG has been installed.
  • We have re-profiled and polished this FCG to enhance the performance and reliability of the gun.
  • We have also polished the bolt and carrier for a smoother charging gun and to increase performance.
  • This is a 4 port gun and we have done the necessary port work on the gas block and barrel to enable reliable performance with low brass ammo.
  • A Tromix Trigger Guard has been installedand modified to fit the New Hogue grip.
  • A Tromix Oversize Charging Knob has been installed.
  • The trigger pull is approx 4.5 lbs. but we can lower it some more at minimal cost.
  • 19" barrel.
  • A UTG US Made Quad Rail System has been installed and comes with a longer top rail as well as the one installed on the gun if you wish to change it.
  • It also includes 12 rail covers.
  • A US Made Copy of a Bulgarian Brake has also been installed.
  • An adjustable gas plug has been added as well to enhance gas control in the gun and it has been modified to enhance the port work that we have done inside the gas block.
  • An Over Molded Hogue Grip was installed.
  • A Mag Release extension was also added to facilitate operating the gun without taking your hand off of the pistol grip.
  • Paint has been touched up with a solvent resistant Ceramic based paint.
  • The rear tang has been removed and the rear of the receiver has been reshaped and an internal support block has been installed to support the ACE hardware. We remove the tang in order to not have to use external mounting blocks that extend the length of the gun.
  • A Folding ACE Skeleton stock with a 1" butt pad was then installed along with the ACE Push Button folding hinge, the best in the business.
  • An after market recoil spring was also added to aid in reliability.
  • Fire the gun, release a mag, lock open the bolt, all without taking your hand off the pistol grip.
  • The gun handles flawlessly as all guns modified by our gunsmiths go to the range for testing with multiple rounds put through them before shipping.
  • The BHO was notched and reshaped for greater reliability and so it doesn't poke into your finger with the trigger in it's new location.
  •  We will ship to California. Bullet Button will be required @ 55 dollars installed and will replace the Mag Release Extension.
  • The gun comes with all factory included parts, a 5 round mag and a CSSPECS 10 round mag and tools, papers and box
  • This gun is fully 922R compliant even if using the factory mag.
  • We can change this stock to another type if you wish that may reduce or raise the price depending on the stock or with many other options at varying prices. Contact us for a quote.

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