Saiga 12 Trigger Guard

an artwork by  RAM
Saiga 12 Trigger Guard
Saiga 12 Trigger Guard

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The RAM S12TG (Saiga 12 Trigger Guard) is a bolt on trigger guard for Saiga 12 shotguns.  This trigger guard is precision lasercut from 14 gauge sheet metal and then formed in a state of the art facility.  It is then deburred, PEM nuts are inserted, and coated in a durable black powder coat. 

Included with this product is:

1.     RAM S12TG (Saiga 12 Trigger Guard)

2.     3x 8-32 1/4" button head cap screws

3.     #8 flat washer

4.     M6 x 18mm screw

5.     M6 x 16mm screw

6.     M6 square nut

7.     M6 lock washer

8.     Installation Instructions


The RAM S12TG attaches to the shotgun using the two rivet holes from the sporter cover plate and the slot from the OEM trigger hole.  Three button head screws from inside the receiver are used to attach the trigger guard.  Width and height of the trigger guard closely mimic a 'standard' AK-47 trigger guard.


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