Saiga 12 Sights

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Saiga 12 Sights
Saiga 12 Sights

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The RAM S12 Sights offer a simple platform to install 'standard' shotgun sights on a front sight tower.  The front sight tower has a short 1/4" wide 'rib' which has a 6-48 threaded hole.  This is a standard thread for a shotgun bead or bead replacement.  The RAM S12 Sights will come with a Hiviz Compsight set already installed.  These excellent sights use a bright fiber to quickly draw the shooters eye for ease of aiming.  This sight set comes with 8 different light pipes: red, green, and one white.

A wide rear notch replaces the OEM notch.  This wide notch is used for quick target acquisition with the front fiber.  Close up targets can be quickly engaged while longer ranged slug shooting can be accomplished with the same sights.  Windage adjustment is done at the rear notch.  Elevation adjustment is accomplished by placing shims underneath the front 'rib'.

These sights are shipped with the Hiviz sight installed at the nominal elevation.  This should work out of the box for most guns.  However, due to variances it may be necessary to add or remove shims to get the correct elevation.

Sights are made from 1018 steel with Melonite QPQ treatment for corrosion resistance and toughness.

 (Includes Front sight, rear sight, Hiviz Compsight, 8 light pipes)

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