RAM Speed Catch

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RAM Speed Catch
RAM Speed Catch

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The RAM Speed Catch is a direct replacement for the standard magazine catch on AK-47 style firearms.  It is ergonomically designed to allow rapid actuation by your trigger finger without removing your hand from the pistol grip.  This allows your strong hand to aid in rapid magazine changes.

 The RAM Speed Catch is precision lasercut from 16 gauge sheet metal and then formed in a state of the art facility.  It is then deburred, spot welded, and treated in a Melonite QPQ process for corrosion resistance and toughness.  Two fastening methods will be included.  One is a deformable rivet and the other is an internally threaded rivet.  Both are low profile, blackened, and easy to install.  Use the one that you like better.

 Included with this product is:

  1. RAM Speed Catch
  2. Standard rivet
  3. 1/4" ball bearing (to assist in deforming the rivet)
  4. Threaded rivet
  5. Button head bolt
  6. Lock washer
  7. Insertion pin

 Due to the variety of AK riles on the market and the slight variations between their manufacturing tolerances, the RAM Speed Catch is built slightly oversized in two spots.

  1. The surface which rides over the rear magazine tab must be filed down during installation to correctly 'lock-in' magazines.
  2. The stop on the back of the Speed Catch which contacts the inside of the catch tower must be filed down to orient the Speed Catch correctly.

In both cases, this filing will require about 1/16" of material to be removed.  This 'file-to-fit' feature allows the RAM Speed Catch to precisely match your rifle and magazines.

Here is a video which shows the RAM Speed Catch in action:


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