Manticore NightBrake for 14x1L

an artwork by  Manticore
Manticore NightBrake for 14x1L
Manticore NightBrake for 14x1L

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With the same excellent performance as the original NightBrake, the new 14x1L threaded version features a single detent notch to time properly and wrench flats for those stubborn barrels. An included high temperature silicone washer eliminates rattle and keeps the device perfectly aligned when mounted.

The NightBrake is specifically designed to provide recoil reduction and virtually eliminate muzzle rise. A total of eighteen ports distributed around the upper 270 degrees of the device help stabilize and reduce exiting gas pressure. There are no ports facing directly upwards to allow for an uninterrupted sight picture when firing, and the lower 90 degree arc has no ports to prevent a dust signature when fired. 

The NightBrake 14x1L will clear any projectile up to .30 caliber (0.311") safely and is discretely marked "MA" on the underside to denote it as a USA made 922r compliance part. Weighing only 2 ounces and only 1.875" in length, it is machined from 8620 steel bar stock, heat treated, and finished in a deep black oxide.

See videos comparing the performance of the NightBrake to other common muzzle devices at

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