Chaos HK Style Rear Front Sights

an artwork by  Chaos
Chaos HK Style Rear Front Sights
Chaos HK Style Rear Front Sights

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  • Chaos HK style sights are U.S.A. made, precision manufactured from 6061 billet aluminum and black hard coated.
  • Held to the highest quality manufacturing standards that Chaos is known for.
  • This custom sight system is a low profile design with aperture height of only .56 off of the top of the sight plane, eliminating the need for cheek rest and will allow for a good co-witness with Aimpoint T-1 or similar.
  • These sights are bolt on mounted and require a tapped 8-32 hole for front sight and a 6-32 tapped hole for rear.
  • The rear sight is adjustable from side to side.

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