CAI 5.45 Convert Chaos Quad Front & Rear

an artwork by  Saiga
CAI 5.45 Convert Chaos Quad Front & Rear
CAI 5.45 Convert Chaos Quad Front & Rear

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Almost any out stock gun can be custom built. Just contact us.
This is a Saiga IZ-240 rifle, 16" barrel, 5.45x39 cal.that has been converted by CAI.  It is brand new.

  • The Fire Control Group has been replaced and moved forward with a Tapco G2.
  • A new Trigger Guard installed along with a new grip and an Fixed stock.
  • A Bullet Guide was also added so this gun can use standard AK mags.
  • We then added a Chaos Titan Saiga rail system that lets you field strip the gun without tools. This includes a hinged rear rail.
  • We have this gun available with a polished bolt and carrier (optional-extra cost) in order to improve the performance and smoothness of the gun.
  • We can do even more. It's up to you and any options you select at additional cost.
  • The gun handles flawlessly as all guns modified by our gunsmiths go to the range for testing and 20 or more rounds put through them before shipping.
  • The gun comes with all factory included parts, tools, papers and box
  • This gun is fully 922R compliant even if using the factory mag.
  • We can change this stock to another type if you wish that may reduce or raise the price depending on the stock or with many other options at varying prices.

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